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My Skincare Secret Weapon #2

If you’ve been using secret weapon #1, you’ve probably experienced that extra oomph to your strut. Blemishes are clearing up. Wrinkles are nearly non-existent. There’s a certain glow that wasn’t there before. And your skin…

Spoon Lickin' Cranberry Sauce

5 Sides-giving Recipes

We interrupt our learning sessions for my absolute FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER… THANKSGIVING! So I’ve always gone off of other recipes when cooking something up in the kitchen. But this time, I actually completely and 100%…


My 3 Daily Skincare Essentials

If you’re like me, you’ve probably dumped out all toxic skincare items from your drawers (cause who wants all those nasty side effects?), or you’re finishing up an expensive product and ready to try something…


Welcome to H2O-101

I’ve heard about it in every Health Ed class during high school. And because I hated the bland taste and constantly opted for more sugary options- I also got the lecture at every doctor’s appointment…


Oily/ Dry/ Combination- What’s your damage?

High school- Terribly oily skin that constantly needed to be blotted away. The worst part is, it showed up in EVERY picture I took. Photoshop shine be gone anyone? NEXT. College- Embarrassing acne infested skin, very obviously…