Fitness is good for us, and that really goes without saying. But while almost every gal I know is focused on improving her physique, I’m at the gym singing, “Sweatin’ out my toxins, gotta get that glow!” Anyone else with me? No? Maybe? So…

How much does fitness really affect the appearance of our skin?

Well it doesn’t seem like enough people know because every time I asked, “How can I fix my skin problems?”, no one ever suggested exercise! Yet believe it or not, exercise is highly effective in changing the condition of your skin. Got breakouts? Go exercise. Got wrinkles? Go exercise. Got dark circles around your eyes? Gal go exercise! Cause while we focus so much on fitness to improve our physique, it’s equally important to view fitness as a way to improve our skin.

But first let’s be clear when I say, this did not occur to me until I began incorporating fitness into my life… 6 months ago.

Fitness Affects The Appearance Of Your Skin

Fitness has changed the appearance of my skin through Cardio and Circulation dramatically.

I wasn’t always a “Fitness Enthusiast”

Quite frankly I was never really into fitness or being physically active in general. I used to run track in high school and that’s the most I ever was. And I sucked. No really, I did. But I did it because I sucked at every other sport too. Laugh all you want but we change and I’ve changed, so let’s go over a little bit of my history with the gym.

Last year I updated my social media status with the following:

When your husband comes home and tries to force you to go to the gym.

… Then:

63 degrees is too cold to walk the 200 ft it takes to get to our gym.

Wait it gets better:

To be fair, I compromised with 40 crunches because that was all I could handle.

That was me! But I always did say that as soon as my metabolism began to slow down, I’d have to budge. That and the fact is I want to live long. So if you don’t exercise, you’re lying to yourself if you think you’ll make it to 100. And guess what? I even find myself craving a workout when I don’t get one in. Crazy huh? The trick is to keep the workouts consistent for at least 3 months. That way once you’ve got your routine going, the likelihood of falling off track is pretty slim.

But we’re so busy, who has the time?

Relieving Stress Through Fitness

Fitness helps us destress from our busy lives. Less stress = better skin.

Right! And that’s exactly something we’ll cover! Because I understand how difficult it is to keep a consistent workout schedule. We’ve all got busy lives, we’re stressed (exactly why you need fitness in your life), and we’re losing sleep over our jobs (at least I am). However, we still want to get a little sweat in to release those toxins and get that circulation going to cleanse our blood.

You see apart from all the issues I experienced on my face, I also had (how do I say this without embarrassing myself)… tun tun tun… *cough*bacne*cough*. Yeah I was that girl. Too ashamed to wear tank tops and covered her back with her hair.

You’ll learn in my skincare section that my biggest staple for combating any skin problem is raw honey. However, I’m not exactly going to walk around my home with honey dripping down my back. So although I finally figured out how to clear my face, the bacne remained until I started exercising. And now it’s gone!

The best part is, you notice the results right away and more so within just a few weeks. So as much as I love soaking healthy ingredients into my skin, they’re only as effective as the amount of toxins I’m releasing. Remember, we want to soak the good stuff in and release the bad stuff out.

Through Cardio and Circulation

Cardio – necessary in order to sweat out all of those toxins that are causing skin problems like breakouts. By increasing your heart rate a few times a week, you’re helping circulate nutrients to your skin and thereby pushing toxins out. Plus the endorphin release will relieve the stress causing your skin to age and look dull.

Circulation – obtained from both yoga and pilates. While these activities soothe a stressful mind,they also aide in improving digestive issues. A lot of skin issues derive from your digestive tract as improper digestion will show through your skin. So because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of our body, issues in the circulatory system will mess with a person’s general health. This includes skin discoloration and dark circles around your eyes. So even if your nutrition is right, if you’re not absorbing the nutrients, you will see skin problems.

Yoga for better skin

Yoga increases circulation. Circulation = healthier skin.

Also, did you know face yoga exists? Not many people know this but our face is made up of 43 muscles! And we should work them out as much as we workout the rest of our body. Face yoga can actually reduce wrinkles while slimming down your face. I’ve also noticed that by slimming down my face, I’m contributing to a younger look. Which is exactly what I’m going for!

They say a good workout is like getting a free facial

Now tell me you’re not up for a free facial? Cause that’s the best part! Fitness is free so if all else fails, you’re still doing something amazing for your skin and I promise you’ll feel great about it! So let’s get to it gal! Let’s incorporate a regular fitness routine that will work with your busy schedule. Plus did I mention how amazing this cardio playlist is?

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