Nutritious Foods to Incorporate into Your Diet

We hear so often, “You are what you eat”… but most people don’t take their nutrition all that seriously do they? And realizing it now, that’s probably why my skin suffered major disruption in college. I mean, they don’t say you gain the freshman 15 for nothing…

It Starts With Nutrition

Bad Skin in 2008

Thi is me in 2008 and as you can see, I had pretty bad skin.

It was 2006 and I had just migrated from New Jersey to California to begin that new college adventure. A young 17 year old gal thinkin’ more about her new found freedom and less about her eating habits- am I right gals? With In-N-Out newly introduced into my diet and mom’s cooking not around, it was either double doubles or- cafeteria food. Which no offense to my alma mater (cause food options have changed), but the options weren’t that tasty so grilled cheese 3 days out of the week it was. Plus, what gal doesn’t find herself craving grilled cheese anyway? Cause comfort food- duh.

But now I can testify that the ability to control these cravings does exist. I even find myself craving healthier choices that are just as tasty (although I still treat myself at times). And while surroundings, finances, and situations get in the way of maintaining a healthy diet- it’s not impossible to achieve. I know because I’ve been there.

The truth is, if you’re really concerned about turning your skin around, you’ve got to change your diet first. Trust me when I say I know it’s not easy. We all need to be motivated on this one. Cause keeping ourselves away from the tacos calling our names is hard. I myself am no exception. So let’s get motivated gal! Because in everything we’re going to do for a healthy complexion, keeping up with the right nutrition is the most important.

Eating Cake

This is in 2010. This picture is to show how oily my skin would get and if you look closely you can almost see some of the hyperpigmentation I’m covering up.

Nutrition = Real Change

Here’s the thing, I didn’t actually begin to see real change in my skin until I changed my diet. That’s right.  Only then was the right skincare and fitness able to eliminate what issues remained. So let me repeat that differently- whatever you eat WILL show up on your face (unless you’re one of those rare few, which if so, gal bye!).

Don’t believe me? Here’s a perfectly silly example:

Someone who asked me not to name him (he knows who he is) has pretty great skin that almost never breaks out. It’s always effortlessly smooth and I honestly can’t ever spot any pores (does he even have them?). A gal’s dream right? His weakness? SWEETS! But you can’t really have sweets around a gal who doesn’t even let you look at them. So what’s a guy to do? Sneak them in whenever I’m not around. Unfortunately for him, I always find out. How? Because the next day he will ALWAYS have a zit on his normally blemish free face (remember that almost never?). I know it sounds far fetched but, it’s always a good story to tell. And it’s true. I mean, how many coincidences can there be?

So by all means incorporate the right skincare and necessary fitness into your routine. But remember this, that salt found in the bag of chips you’re munching on is making your skin retain water, which = puffy skin. So put down your bag of chips and listen up.

Simple snacks, dried, fruits, and seeds go a long way

Just by incorporating minor ingredients packed with nutrients into your diet can help make a significant change in your skin.

Get out with the old and in with the new

Leave the old you behind. Start with a new and better you. Your skin deserves and desires to be healthy!

But- you can’t begin a healthy nutrition plan before eliminating most of the junk wreaking havoc on your skin. Think about those nutrients circulating through your bloodstream after you got your fitness on. Those nutrients are also being delivered to your skin

The Old– We’ll take a deeper looking into cutting back on the obvious: refined sugars and simple carbs. This will lower cortisol and minimize breakouts. Simple carbs also cause insulin levels to rise, which create inflammation throughout your body and produce enzymes that break down collagen. Plus, if you’re constantly blotting away oily skin, it may actually be a result of increased sebum production. Which is another side effect of eating too many refined sugars and simple carbs.

The New– We’ll replace the above with more lean and healthy protein to combat those cravings and build collagen. I’ll provide you with a ton of ways to boost your antioxidant intake and why you need to. Plus, we’ll learn about the good fats found in nuts and healthy oils. Which will help your body absorb those antioxidants and ultimately result in a dewier complexion.

For an Easy Peas(y) Change

Cucumber water detox

There are many different detox options available whether simple infused spa waters or intense detoxing that require fasting and juicing.

Again, I want to make this process as easy as possible for you. So after a more thorough look into the foods you should be eliminating and incorporating, I’ll show you my favorite ways of detoxing. That’s right gal- we’re cleaning out your system and starting fresh.

Don’t get me wrong- I love unhealthy food as much as the next person does. But we want to get into the habit of eating right because it really does make a difference. And one thing I CAN promise you is that once you start and keep it consistent, you’ll notice a huge difference in your body and you won’t want to go back. It’s honestly an amazing feeling when you rarely find yourself craving unhealthy food and can actually say NO to the tacos (I thought it was impossible too).

We’ll create a balanced diet that’s nutritious, delicious, and filling. We’ll help stop those cravings and keep them at a normal level. I’ll even let you in on my favorite healthy treats- cause gals gotta deal with period cravings too- know what I mean? We’re in this together. And that’s the best part!

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