Got terrible skin? I’ve so been there!

Let me begin by saying, I’ve deal with it all. From oily to dry to combination skin- to dealing with the horrors and pains of acne. Then battling the aftermath of scars and hyper pigmentation- to currently doing my best to keep wrinkles away. I’ve found myself looking in the mirror and wondering why my skin was so pale and sickly. There were years where I never walked out in public without makeup on. Meanwhile at home, drawers were filled with abandoned products that didn’t work and only left a dent in my wallet.

I know what it’s like to go to numerous dermatologist appointments. I’ve probably visited just about 7 different dermatologists (including some in other countries). With hopefulness and optimism, I was prescribed oral, topical, and chemical peels that did absolutely nothing for me. I even tried Accutane, which only offered a temporary solution (cause my problems came back later). So yes, I have exhausted every option! I’ve even tried covering half of my face with long hair so it was less noticeable… I mean that’s the new hair trend right?

Great skin on the beach

I swear by my staples and can’t live without them!

And now look at me! I am glamorizing the NO MAKEUP LOOK. Soon you’ll be tossing away makeup that only mimic’s a naturally dewy glow for the REAL thing! Gone will be the days of that glow disappearing with a simple accidental wipe from your sleeve or as the day goes by. Rather, your skin will look amazing as you wake and before you go to bed.

From Your Kitchen to Your Face

I’m insanely excited to share my staples and essentials with you. I’m not only super passionate about them but after incorporating them into my regular skincare routine, I absolutely cannot live without them! I’ve had some of my close gal pals try these ingredients and the results were spectacular! If they’ve been convinced to run to the store and purchase these ingredients, abandoning their usual skincare, then I’m positive you will too! The best part- most of these ingredients can be repurposed, consumed, and may even be sitting in your kitchen. I strongly believe that whatever goes on your skin should be able to fall into your mouth with no consequences. Which is why I love the fact that many of the face masks I recommend can be used as a salad dressing, breakfast, or even as a snack.

So, if any of them don’t work out, then NO problem! You’re not losing anything! I mean, how many times have you tried an expensive product that didn’t work out? That you couldn’t get your money back on? Left you super disappointed? Even worse, it made your skin break out? Gals raise yo hands up high! Every single one of you!

Simple Skincare Is Better

My Gal Rockin' Great Skin

I had some of my gals try my skincare secrets and they are in LOVE!

Gal, I’m letting you in on a little secret: simple is better. If you look at all of the commercial products out there, you’ll notice they contain a number of ingredients. Some are fillers, some you can’t pronounce, and some are simply toxic. And you know what? Your skin does not want or require all of those ingredients. If anything, you may just be confusing your skin or exacerbating the issues you already have.

Treat your skin as the largest organ it is and provide it with actual nourishment and food. Not chemicals. I don’t want to make empty promises or provide temporary fixes. I want to help feed your skin what it craves- real hydration, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Right now, I can only vouch for my experience and for those around me that this REALLY works. Take it from someone who’s dealt with it all.

Let me repeat, your skin is simple. It only needs simple ingredients to make it beautiful. So get into your drawers, pull out all of your make-up, skin creams, serums, etc and read those ingredients. How many of those ingredients are you actually familiar with? How many of them are toxic? Could they be the culprit to some of your skin problems? Catching on yet?

Let’s Glamorize The No Makeup Look

Another Gal Rockin' Gorgeous Skin!

Here’s another one of my gals after she tried some of my skincare.

I started this journey of changing the products I use when I realized how harmful current commercial products are for us. From causing breakouts, wrinkles, and stripping us of our natural beauty- to leading us to bigger health problems like cancer and leeching toxins into your body. It’s truly scary once we get into the details. Forget that cream that caused a nasty chemical reaction with your face. Or the foundation that broke you out. What about that oil stripping cleanser that constantly leaves your face super dry? Or the makeup that’s causing extra sebum production thereby making the excess oil on your face never end? Gal! Change your routine now and stop spending hundreds of dollars when you don’t need to.

For such a highly sought after look, too many women focus on the false reproduction rather than achieving the real thing. So let’s start a revolution and glamorize the NML (no makeup look, get used to it gals!). Cause once you go simple, you can’t go back. We’re here to achieve real dewy results. I’m talking- red carpet look. Can you imagine someone asking, “What highlighter do you use?” and your response being “Non”? You know you’re going to love it gal!

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