10 Reasons Cardio Should Be Your Skin’s BFF

10 Reasons You Need Cardio

Cardio will always be there for you when you’re stressed, anxious, or depressed. She’ll never be unavailable when you want to hang out- whether in the morning, late at night, or any time. Sometimes you don’t feel like hanging out with her but when you do, you remember how much fun you have together. After all she’s always been flexible- hanging out with you at home, outside, or at the gym. Sometimes when you’re with Cardio, you feel like you’ve cleared your mind. She gives you the best ideas. And when you’ve gotten so used to her that you spend some time apart… you remember the times you had, you miss her, and you wonder where she went.

Cardio And I Were Not Always BFF

Every gal I know approaches fitness as a means to lose weight, tone their physique, and ultimately feel more attractive. And while that’s definitely the approach I began with in February, it’s not the only approach that’s kept me going to this day.

You see, I am a brand new Fitness Enthusiast. And by brand new I mean I only started exercising February of this year. That’s 7 months- which I consider to be a breaking record in my life. Even  1 month would have been a record. Cause being physically active has never been my cup of tea. So if you’re coming from a place where you’re not really motivated to get off the couch, I totally get you. I mean I’ve only been there… 95% of my life.

Cardio As The Gateway to Gorgeous Skin

3 years ago my metabolism began to noticeably slow down. So it took all 3 years to finally get off the couch and do something about it. I had practically lost all muscle AND gained 15 lbs. While most people didn’t notice I noticed. My mother noticed. So I finally gave into the FitBit world and asked my sister for an Alta on my birthday. I then realized how out of shape I was because at the age of 28, my endurance should have been better.

Hiking in Hollywood

Getting my sweat on thanks to my FitBit (no really, the challenges on there are quite motivating).

Fast forward 3 months in and I noticed a significant change in the appearance of my skin. Together with a healthy nutrition change, my skin became a lot smoother on my face… and on my back. All of the hard to reach blemishes on my back were gone, including the ones I was sure would never go away. And once I’d wipe off the excess sweat from my body, my skin always felt refreshed and “cleansed from within”.

Here Are The Reasons Why:

  1. Through sweat, my body is able to flush cellular debris and toxins out of my system. By unclogging my pores, sweat minimized any breakouts. But, the two no-no’s women do to exacerbate their skin problems: they wear makeup while working out or they don’t wash their skin immediately after breaking a sweat.
  2. I always slipped into my PJs after a stressful day at work rather than exercise. So when I began to hit the gym instead, I realized cardio is a lot more effective at reducing that stress. No longer was stress raining on my gorgeous glow parade. And while getting yourself to leave home may be the hardest part (I know it is for me), there’s tons of cardio you can do at home.
  3. It helps regulate your hormones and any imbalance in hormones can cause your skin to go out of whack.
  4. When we exercise, blood reaches our skin and delivers nutrients. This repairs any damage while improving elasticity.
  5. As you age, collagen production becomes less on it’s own so our skin needs these nutrients to be delivered and aide production.
  6. Plus, exercise can reverse skin aging by reversing oxidative stress.
  7. While getting my cardio on, oxygenated blood is delivered to my skin, creating an instant glow. Need a quick skin pick me up? Get your cardio on!
  8. Exercise helps me sleep better. And, there really is no replacement for sleep as it is the only time our skin repairs itself. That’s why they call it beauty sleep gals!
  9. Cardio helps reduce cellulite.
  10. Lastly, it improves digestion which is necessary because improper digestion can cause breakouts and dull skin.



Cycling is an excellent form of cardio without a negative high impact on your skin.

So as long as you are not overdoing it, you will reap the benefits of cardio for your skin. Make sure to workout on a shock absorbent surface to minimize sagging. And, if you have issues with rosacea, I suggest reading this article when it comes to exercising as I myself do not have any  issues with rosacea. This is also a great post on the possible negative effects exercise can have on your digestion. Again, great skin depends on the surface and intensity of the exercise you are doing.

I’d love to hear about your favorite cardio exercises in the comments below! I personally LOVE dancing at home when no one is around!


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    October 9, 2017 at 5:23 am

    My favorite cardio exercise is the elliptical and swimming since I have back problems. Thanks for giving me extra motivation to keep exercising!

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