Is Stress Causing Your Skin To Look Dull?

What's Causing Your Skin To Look Dull

Dull skin = a complexion without radiance and liveliness.

I’m not implying that eating dead flowers is causing your skin to look dull (although I hope none of you are actually eating dead flowers). But much like our skin, if given the right nutrients, flowers will flourish and look vibrant for many weeks to come. However, if not given the right nutrients, the longevity of those flowers is a lot shorter. Luckily for us, our skin is much more forgiving and better at bouncing back if we started on the wrong track.

Stress = Bad Eating, Bad Eating = Dull Skin

It’s not rocket science to figure out that Americans in general are a stressed out breed of humans. And just by personal experience, women tend to stress out more than men do. Am I right?

Stressed Out

Me at 8:00pm last month doubling up my dose of caffeine (not the best idea) If anyone understands stress- it’s me.

The last month I’ve been super stressed, severely sleep deprived, and eating more take-out than I would normally allow myself. It happens. Even to the most health conscientious of us. The truth is our jobs, everyday worries, and even vacation planning get in the way. I don’t know about the rest of you but I consider myself to be an “over planner”. If I know I’m going on vacation, I literally lose sleep over it. I’ll be up planning everything to the minute and will even have the entire location memorized. So I’ll admit, it’s hard for me to just relax.

The worst part is, built up stress causes me to binge eat. And I PROMISE you, it always shows up on my face. So there goes 3 months of happily flaunting gorgeous skin down the trash in a matter of weeks. Yes, I’m just as disappointed in myself as you can imagine. But let’s call it an “experiment” because it only proves that everything we’re about to explore is true. It starts with nutrition.

How Stress Affects Our Eating Habits

So let’s cut to the chase.

  1. We forget to hydrate (I definitely do). But hydration is vital because our skin is composed of 64% water. So you can only imagine what a lack of water does to your skin. Sufficient dehydration will cause deep wrinkles in the dermis layer of your skin that eventually become visible through the epidermis layer. Even though it’s more of a long term issue in order to combat wrinkles and blemishes, you need to hydrate during any period of stress.
  2. We forget about keeping a healthy and balanced diet (hence the binge eating). And binge eating usually ups our anxiety levels. So not only are you increasing your stress levels but you’re also messing up your skin. That’s a double lose for you. Did I mention, refined sugar is your skin’s WORST ENEMY?
  3. By binge eating, you’re depriving your skin the nutrients it needs. Remember that dead flower? You need to maintain a healthy dose of antioxidants, protein, fibers, and fatty acids- all contributing to glowing and blemish free skin.
  4. Need to double up on the caffeine intake to get that project done? Too much caffeine increases cortisol levels. So if you want to speed up the aging process of your skin, then by all means drink on.
Coffee vs. Matcha

Matcha has more antioxidants than coffee and will give you a more relaxed energy.

Fight Dull Skin During Stressful Times

Here are the ways I make sure to combat all of the above issues.

  1. Invest in a water bottle that makes drinking water “trendy”. I’ve recently developed an obsession for hydroflask and got myself a 42oz. This way I know if I drink at least a bottle and a half a day, I’m good. Plus, there are water bottles available that allow you to infuse fruits, herbs, etc so you can get a little detox in while you’re at it!
  2. Keep your home well stocked with easy to cook nutritional choices. If I have a ton of food at home it limits the amount of times I end up ordering takeout (cause who wants all of that food to go to waste?). Skip any aisles that have junk food. And if you can take that extra step, go to the grocery stores you know will make this easier on you (ex: Whole Foods, Sprouts, Mother’s Market, etc.)
  3. Keep healthy snacks around when you’re on the go. Some of my favorite snacks are dried fruits, dates, nuts, hardboiled eggs, etc. If you MUST do a little indulging, I suggest trying out hail merry. I absolutely love their ingredients and know I’m at least skipping the refined sugars while satisfying my cravings.
  4. Lastly- swap the coffee for matcha if you want a less stressful pick me up. Matcha = relaxed vibes. Plus- it’s loaded with more antioxidants! So, if you end up not liking the stuff, you can use it in a face mask. LOVE!
Some of My Favorite Healthy Snacks

It’s easy to maintain a consistent healthy diet with easy to make snacks on hand.

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I know many of us are guilty of these bad habits. And even if you’re not, prolonged stress in itself can directly affect your digestive system, leading to many negative skin issues. If you didn’t see it here, share the ways you combat stress in the comments below!


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