15 What, Why’s, and How’s On Circulation

Fitness Affects The Appearance Of Your Skin

Ah the circulatory system– without it, your skin has nothing to pull from. And if it’s not functioning properly, you will slowly begin to resemble a dead flower… literally. So good news for the yogi inside you (or the future yogi inside you), it’s actually one of the best ways to naturally boost circulation! And after this you may be shopping for a new trendy yoga mat on Amazon, and perhaps stopping by Lulu Lemon afterwards. But please- don’t blame me for that future dent in your wallet.

So before we get into yoga specifically, let’s talk about the pretty and the ugly of circulation.

Good Circulation

  1. Good circulation is needed to promote cell regeneration. And as we know, cell regeneration is linked to collagen production.
  2. Proper circulation also means more blood is directed towards your skin.
  3. Specifically, when blood is circulated towards your face, you get a rosier complexion (goodbye blushes!).
  4. That- and blood needs to be delivered to your skin to remove waste.
  5. Plus, if you thought hormonal breakouts were a lost cause, think again as proper circulation helps the body balance, process and eliminate hormones.

Poor Circulation

So what causes poor circulation then? A lack of exercise or sitting for too long… More bathroom breaks at work anyone?

  1. It can affect your skin tone, giving you that pale ashy look you least desire (dead flower on the loose).
  2. It causes dark spots, dark eye circles, and a blotchy complexion from the lack of oxygen in your blood.
  3. Plus, it affects the lymphatic system by causing toxic buildup. This restricts your lymph nodes from performing at their optimum capacity- resulting in rashes, dry and itchy skin-  worse, acne.
  4. Acne wounds will then take longer to heal because transportation of nutrients to your skin cells is less efficient.
  5. And since poor circulation is not promoting cell renewal, this affects collagen production- thereby causing wrinkles to form (oh snap!).

So Get Your Yoga On!

Yoga for better skin

Yoga increases circulation. Circulation = healthier skin.

Circulation through yoga allows you to get your blood flowing without the negative impact other forms of exercise have on your skin (running on concrete = sagging skin).

  1. Heart opening positions will help regenerate skin cells by flooding them with oxygen.
  2. And certain positions can even increase body temperature to help sweat out toxins.
  3. While other positions can cool your skin during hot weather.
  4. Plus, even regulated breathing exercises done through yoga increase circulations + oxygenated blood flow.
  5. And if you haven’t realized this already- proper digestion is needed to reduce breakouts. Yoga helps with that.

So, when it comes to a glowing complexion, our circulatory system is obviously extremely important. Without proper function, it can’t serve it’s purpose to carry nutrients, oxygen, hormones, and other substances through our body. And without proper blood flow, you can say goodbye to even skin tone and proper detoxification. Plus- if our body isn’t detoxing- you’re looking at inflammation which causes almost every skin problem you can think of. So… I guess I’ll be getting into my favorite yoga pants now. Any yoga brands or yoga studios you gals can recommend?


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