5 Facial Exercises To Tone And Combat Wrinkles

Kiss the Sky

Got a bad case of “chipmunk face”? What about permanent raccoon eyes? Or- a double chin that could do the tango with flubber? If you thought facial fillers were your only chance of achieving sultry cheekbones- think again. If you thought religiously applying concealer over expensive eye cream was the only trick in the book to hide those built up all nighters – think again. And, if you thought your “Big Momma” impression was here to stay… well, you can rethink that thought.

Because, here’s another thought- there are 43 muscles in your face. Hard to believe, I know. So while we’re so busy toning our arms, abs, thighs, etc… we often neglect the feature people see first. But, if you can stretch and tone your body through exercise, then why can’t you do the same for your face? Have you seen how toned those regular yogis are? I rest my case. So here are just 5 out of many facial exercises you can do to combat each of the problems above, and tone your face. What I love about these solutions is that they are absolutely free, free, and free! Effortless, if they don’t work out, at least you know you’re doing something good for those 43 muscles *wink wink*.

1. Kiss The Sky

This one is great for cheek toning, reducing that double chin, and smoothing out those neck lines. As the title implies, you will be “kissing” the sky. Simply sit upward and tilt your head back, stretching out those necklines and double chin. Then, blow kisses with your lips and mouth slightly parted, making sure your lips are protruding as far out as they can. This will help tone those cheeks. Do this for 15-20 seconds daily. Results can be noticeably after 1 week.

2. Forehead Smoother

Forehead wrinkles are the type of wrinkles I consider to be fairly common and unfortunately easy to obtain at a young age.  This is my favorite exercise for those wrinkles as it is relatively easy to do. For this one you will sit back straight and relax. Make two fists with your hands. Using your inner knuckles from both hands, place them on the center of your forehead, facing each other. Then slowly pull them away from each other firmly while pressing on your forehead. Do this as if smoothing out your wrinkle lines. Repeat 5-7 times in a row daily to promote circulation and reduce forehead wrinkles. Results will vary on how deep your wrinkles are, but you can be sure to nice results after 2 weeks.

3. Brow Exercise

This is great for your brows and underage bags. I’ve actually altered the usual way it is done. Rather than use your pointer fingers, I’ve changed it to use your knuckles. This prevents breakouts that may be promoted through the oils and bacteria from your fingers. Simply take both knuckles from your pointer fingers and place them horizontally against your cheeks, point them midway towards your nose. Apply pressure, slightly pulling your eye bags down. Look up to the ceiling and squint. Repeat 15-20 times.

4. Neck Stretch

This is an incredibly simple neck stretch that I’m sure you’ve done a number of times in your life. However, it still gets neglected on a regular basis, even by me! However, not only is it an excellent way to get your circulation going (especially in the morning), but it will certainly tone your neck and help control those necklines (the most obvious sign that gives away age). Simply start with a neck roll, beginning with your head forward then circling back around clockwise. After 1 round, alternate counterclockwise. Repeat this 2 times. Then stop to lean head from shoulder to shoulder. Repeat another 2 times. Then hold your head to one side and using your hand, pull your head as far down into your shoulder as it will go to stretch those neck lines. Hold for 20 seconds. Then repeat once on the other side. Do this regularly and results will be noticeably after 3 weeks.

5. The V

My absolute favorite because I along with many of you, deal with puffy underage bags. This will help boost circulation to decrease dark circles and puffiness. With this one, you will start by making two V shapes with both index and middle fingers. Bring these Vs up to your face and press both middle fingers on the inner corners of your eyebrows. Then press both index fingers on the outer corners. Apply a little pressure and look upward while raising your lower lids. Squint upwards against the pressure of your fingers and repeat 10 times. Finish by squeezing eyes tightly for a few seconds. Results can be noticeable after 2 weeks.


You can practice these almost anywhere…

Got time to kill while waiting in your car to pick up your kids or friends? What about doing that neck roll in the shower? No one will think twice if you do the forehead smoother while working at your desk  all day (they’ll just assume you’re a tad bit stressed). And if you’re going to be on the toilet seat for awhile, you might as well try kissing the sky. After doing these for a month, you’ll soon be calling yourself- a face yogi! Comment below on which one is your favorite! As always, let me know your results gals!

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