About me

Hey gal! Sabina here, creator of Simply Dewy, your tool to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful skin. That’s right NATURALLY beautiful. Because after all…

“Naturally dewy skin is the best makeup a gal can wear.”

Why Dewy?

To put it simply, beautiful skin = dewy skin. And I’m sure you’ve noticed, dewy skin is the current trend with many commercial products claiming to produce this highly sought after look. Why? Because who doesn’t want healthy, supple, and glowing skin?

I know what you’re thinking though, real dewy skin is not so easy to achieve. I won’t lie to you, it isn’t. But I want to save you the time, money, and disappointment I wasted myself.

How am I going to do that?

By offering you simpler and healthier solutions. We tend to focus on our overall health and physique that we forget our skin needs the same attention. Our skin is our largest organ and all it needs is the right nourishment and maintenance. Forget the expensive products and cosmetics- ask yourself, “Do I want to take the healthy route, or do I chance the negative side affects many of these products come with?” I will assume your answer is the same as mine. If so, I’ll let you in on the secret: the solution lies within fitness, nutrition, and simple skincare.

Does this actually work? Here’s my personal story…

This I what I looked like in 2010

In 2010 I had really bad oily skin with acne, scars, and hyper pigmentation. As you can see, makeup wasn’t doing me any favors either.

In 2009, someone told me that several years down the road I would become very comfortable in my own skin. It wasn’t a statement, it was a prediction. “Comfortable in my own skin?”, you mean happy with myself or complacent with what I have? I didn’t know what it meant and I just shrugged it off because in 2009 you wouldn’t catch me dead without make-up on.

A seemingly unimportant prediction I should have forgotten… but I didn’t.

Truth is, my skin problems really began in 2006 and they didn’t entirely calm down until just this year. That’s 10 years battling oily, acne prone, dry, and scarred skin. So what did I do about them? Practically everything. I tried over the counter creams, topical and oral prescription medications, chemical peels… even Accutane. And if you don’t know what Accutane is, it’s basically your last resort to treating severe acne. Read more about it here.

Accutane should have ended my problems. After all, the risks of taking the medication were high and I didn’t succumb to that route until I was truly desperate. However, all the flair ups during the treatment left my skin scarred. And even more disappointing… the acne came back. So I didn’t have one problem anymore, I had two. The frustration had reached it’s peak.

I was tired of feeling like I had something to hide.

As you can see, it was bad. I was super self conscious about myself and the last thing I wanted to do was take Accutane a second time. My only option was to wear the most effective concealer and hide all of my imperfections.

Flaunting My Skin

Here I am flaunting my skin and feeling gorgeous about it.

… But now I’ve found the way and today I’m a completely different person! I don’t get breakouts during my period anymore. I barely have any hyperpigmentation and my indented scars are minimal. It took me 3 months to progress from always wearing make-up, to not wearing it at all, to feeling sexy without it. My skin isn’t perfect by all means but it’s my best version. It’s dewy with a consistent glow. My face is naturally blushing and wrinkle free. My lips are no longer permanently chapped. What more could I want at the age of 28?

Sometimes I catch myself checking me out in the mirror and I still can’t believe I’ve come this far. I not only feel amazing in my own skin, but I LOVE flaunting it! And that’s exactly how I want you to feel.

Feeling inspired yet?

Be honest- Do you have the skin you want? Do you desire the confidence to walk out in public rockin’ a natural glow and feelin’ gorgeous about it? Can I get an amen from those of you who weren’t born with perfect skin?

If you thought, “Amen!” and can’t wait to show off your skin, then I’m excited for you! We’ll go over the basics of fitness, nutrition, and simple skincare so you can incorporate them into a normal routine. We’ll combat your skin problems by going over what’s hurting your skin and what can make it better. I’ll share my absolute staple ingredients so you can always have a glow on the go. And finally, we’ll tie it all together into my favorite weekly routines. I want to make this as effortless as possible for you and have fun at the same time!

So let’s do this you gorgeous gal!

Free and confident with a dewy glow and bikini

Feeling free and confident on the beach.

I’m all about aging gracefully so there is no better time than now to start. The way I see it, if I look like I’m 21 then my opportunities are endless! I can quit that nonsense mentality of, “I haven’t accomplished anything yet and I’m about to turn 30”, because I’m still 21 right? *wink*

This is the time to slow down the aging process, trade signs of wrinkles, adult acne, and dull skin for a youthful natural glow. Remember, these are Simple ingredients. Simple routines. Simple solutions. Your progress is only determined by how committed you are.

Ditch the make-up every now and then or forever (if you choose) and free yourself by wearing your dewy skin with nothing to hide. I hope that through this process, you will not only embrace your skin but also feel healthy about the choices you’re making and the lifestyle you are creating. Empower yourself with this confidence. I can’t tell you how gratifying it is, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

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